About Us

The most important witnesses to the life in Alacati are the rocks of Alacati.

With this in mind, we wanted to give all the memories of Alacati blending with life, from 18th century name Alatzata to Alacaat times and we built our small and smart hotel collecting full of 57 Trailer Alacati Rocks from the ruins of ancient Greek Houese one by one.

Constructed according to the classical Alacati architecture, our hotel has 3 spur rooms,1 deluxe room and totaly 13 rooms. Beside a tiny cute garden full of smells with geranium, bougainvillea and lavender aromas, we have a fantastic breakfast consisting of home-made organic products and local dishes.

As being one of the boutique hotels in Alacati, Cumbali Konak Hotel is just 200 mts away from the bazaar located in the village and has an open car park. The surfing schools and ILICA beach are also 3 kms away.

For address details ,please refer the location section.